A Strong Commitment to Helping Students Achieve

  • The learned and experienced men and women who comprise the faculty of any college are its principle resource.
  • The quality and even the character of a student’s experience with an institution are largely determined by the caliber of the faculty. But for students to experience the benefits derived from association with the faculty, they must have the opportunity to meet and to know them. That opportunity exists at NYUS
  • Unlike many other institutions with large classes, NYUS’s classes generally do not exceed forty students and a typical class has fewer than thirty. Therefore, ample opportunity for faculty and students to know one another and establish partnerships in learning.
  • The advisor assists the student to clarify personal goals and to develop a strategy for accomplishment.
  • The advisor works with the student to plan a course of study consistent with those goals and reviews that plan with the student at least twice each year. In doing so, the advisor /mentor draws on his or her considerable knowledge of the curriculum, NYUS, and of the career-field that the student proposes to enter.