First Time Student (25 & Over)

Discover how NYUS can help fit education into your life!

At NYUS, we understand how difficult it is to balance work, family, and your education. That is why our online, in-class, or blended programs give you the choice to learn when and how it is best for you. As a NYUS student you have the flexibility of taking your classes online, in the classroom, or both. As a NYUS  student you will be able to take your classes at any of our locations, including online. NYUS offers a variety of online undergraduate degrees, as well as, evening classes at our  Campuses. This makes it easy to pursue your degree on your terms. The majority of our classes are also only 9 weeks long, as opposed to the traditional 16 week semester. So in 9 weeks, you could have that first class behind you and be one step closer to have your college degree.


Starting a university can be a confusing process. Here are a few NYUS definitions to help make your NYUS admission’s process a little easier.


Accelerated Classes – NYUS understands that it is difficult to sit in the classroom for 16 weeks when you also have work and family responsibilities. Our solution is our 9-week accelerated classes. All of our online and majority of the Miami City, Brookln, and Manhattan classes are taught in the 9-week format. These classes only meet for 9 weeks but give the same credit hours as a full semester class.


Campus Location – It has  3 campuses in Manhattan. The home location you select will be your main contact for student services and advisement. You are free to take your classes anywhere within NYUS, including online.


Terms/Semester/Sessions – One of the first choices you will have to make on the application is when you would like to start. Online and Global Campus classes operate on the 9 week term system and, therefore have five start terms throughout the year. The 4 Alabama campuses operated on a semester system, so you will see Fall/Spring/Summer start dates on the application. The Brookln City, Miami , and Montgomery campuses, however, have two sessions within Fall and Spring semesters and, therefore, also have five start dates within the year.


Associate/Bachelor Degree – The associate degree is a two-year degree. The bachelor degree is a four-year degree. You are not required to complete your associate’s degree before starting a bachelor’s degree. Undergraduate/Graduate- undergraduate degrees are the first 4 years of college. Graduate degrees are master level programs, which you can choose to pursue in your program after you have graduated with your bachelor’s degree.

Now let’s begin your journey at NYUS !

1- Academic Programs
Finding the NYUS location that provides the academic program that allows you to reach your education and career goals is very important and is the first step in beginning your NYUS  journey. To view the NYUS  locations that offer the program you are most interested in please view our Academic Program chart.

→ Academic Programs

2- Admissions Requirements
Application requirements vary depending upon your previous education. Carefully review the required GPA and test score requirements to decide your application classification.

→ Admissions Requirements

3- Application Process
Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply to the NYUS campus or site of their choosing. Students applying to online programs and sites outside of Alabama must meet application deadlines listed on the academic calendar.

When ready to apply students must first complete the online application, selecting the NYUS Location they wish to study at, their education classification and their start term. After completing the online application for admission a non-refundable $30 application fee must accompany submission of the application for processing purposes. To be considered for admission you must have your high school and/or college transcripts sent to us for evaluation.

→ Admissions Application

4- Scholarship & Financial Aid
After your admissions application and necessary materials have been submitted you should review all scholarship opportunities at your TROY location. Scholarship deadlines and applications vary depending upon location.


The appropriate financial aid application (FAFSA) can be submitted once an application has been received by the University. For detailed information on applying for financial aid, please visit the following link:http//

→ Financing Your College Education