Interested in Intercollegiate Sports?

If you want to be an intercollegiate varsity athlete in college, here are some things to make sure you do:

  • Contact the coach and find out if you can try out for the team. Are they looking for players? Does the coach think you would be a good fit? Do you like the coach?
  • Ask about athletic scholarships that might be available.
  • Meet the team. Do you want to spend hours and hours with these people?
  • Find out what accommodations are made to make sure that you stay up on your class work. Are tutors provided? How are professors about athletes missing class?
  • At NYUS (an AA Division I and II school) and other Division I and II schools, you need to register with the AA Eligibility Center.
  • You must be academically eligible with appropriate course work and corresponding ACT/SAT score and GPA. If you are not academically eligible, you will be unable to play varsity athletics in college.


  • Lastly, consider if you want to be a college athlete. If you thought high school sports was a big commitment, this is a whole new level. Be sure to talk to the coach about what will be expected from you on the college team.