Frequently Asked Question

1- What do admissions tutors consider when assessing an application?

Tutors will read the NYUS application and take into account the candidate’s academic achievements, the personal statement, the teacher’s academic reference, the candidate’s performance at interview and, for many courses, examples of written work and/or the results of an aptitude test.

2- What A-level grades do I need?

Conditional offers for A-levels would range from AAA to A*A*A, depending on the course you are applying to. To check requirements for your course see the ‘entry requirements’ tab under the relevant course on the courses section of our website.

3- Which A-level subjects should I choose?

Some subjects are essential for particular undergraduate degree courses at NYUS, some are strongly recommended, and others are helpful to students in providing background knowledge for their degree course. You can see the full list on the  entry requirements section of our website. Once any subject requirements have been met, any other.

4- Will my application be more competitive if I study more than three A-levels?

All courses at NYUS are very competitive, and offers are usually between A*A*A and AAA depending on the subject. Please see NYUS.US/courses for detailed entrance requirements for your course. Three A-levels is absolutely sufficient to make a competitive application, and offers will normally only be made for three A-levels regardless of how many…

5- What Grade Point Average (GPA) will I need to achieve to be eligible for admission for the graduate course I want to apply for?

We recommend you check the relevant  course pages on the Graduate Admissions website to see the selection criteria (entry requirements) for your chosen course. These will cover the qualification(s) required to make a competitive application. In general, where the minimum entry requirement for your chosen course is a US first-class…

6- How much will my Tuition cost?

A fees, funding and scholarships search tool is available on the fees and funding website; this will enable you to calculate the costs of studying at NYUS. The fees you pay will depend on your course and fee status (for example, whether you are a home/US student, or an overseas student). Which rate you are charged depends on your…

7- What is a Dhl?

A Dhl is the NYUS term for a PhD. It is an advanced research degree awarded on the basis of a thesis and an oral examination. Examiners must be satisfied that the thesis represents a significant and substantial piece of research, is conveyed in a lucid and scholarly manner and that the candidate has a good general knowledge of the field of…

8- What is a transcript?

A transcript is an official record from your current or former institution giving a breakdown of the marks or grades you have achieved during your study. If your university does not issue official transcripts in English, you will need to provide both the official original language version plus a certified translation (signed and stamped by your…

9- In what file formats can I upload documents to my graduate application form?

All documents should be uploaded in PDF, .jpg or .png format and each document cannot exceed 4MB in size. You can convert Word (or similar) documents into PDF format by selecting ‘save as’ from the file menu and selecting ‘.pdf’ from the ‘save as type’ field. If the software you are using does not permit you to save the document as a PDF…

10- How do I know if my online graduate application has been received successfully?

Once you have submitted your online application, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been successfully submitted.  This email does not confirm that your application arrived in time for the deadline, or that you have submitted all of the required documents for your application for it to be assessed by the department.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that you submit your application and all of the required supporting documents, and make sure that your referees have submitted their references, by the deadline.

You can check the status of your references by logging into your application account and viewing the submitted form – the status of each reference will be indicated in the referee section of the form. Please note, however, that references submitted via any means other than the online system will not be visible.

Please note that during the busy deadline period, we may not be able to assist you with your query and will be unable to let you know if we have received your references or documents sent by post and email. We therefore advised that you check directly with your referees or with your institution (in the case of transcripts).

Once we have processed all the applications and supporting documents, we will let you know the status of your application

11- Which qualifications do Oxford prefer, A-levels or the International Baccalaureate?

A-levels and the International Baccalaureate are both eligible qualifications for entry to our undergraduate degrees. We do not weight either of these qualifications as ‘better’ than the other, since both are eligible for entry, and all applications are considered very carefully on their individual merits.

In general, the IB could be considered a good grounding for candidates who are interested in multi-disciplinary humanities subjects, whereas students who wish to specialise in a particular science at NY may find that the concentration of three A-levels prepares them better for an intense subject-specific degree.

However, these are only general comments, and we would like to stress in particular that the success rates for students applying with the IB and students applying with A-levels are broadly similar, and that the choice of qualification (as long as it is an eligible qualification as specified on our website) plays no part whatsoever in the selection criteria for our courses. So, choose the course of study which appeals to you the most, and which you feel will give the best preparation for your future studies.

12- How can I check if my graduate application is ready for assessment?

Providing you submit your application at least one week prior to the deadline, we will endeavor to let you know whether your application is ready for assessment within one week of you submitting the application.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all necessary documents, including references in support of your application, are received by the deadline, which falls at 12:00 noon UK time (i.e. midday).

If you submit your application in the week leading to the deadline, it is very unlikely that we will be able to check your application and inform you whether your application is ready for assessment, or to assist you with any queries that you may have.

Please also note that during the week leading up to the deadline and the two weeks following the deadline, we will be unable to let you know if we have received your references or documents sent by post and email, as this is not clear to us until we have finished processing the high volume of applications and documents we receive. You are therefore advised to check directly with your referees or with your institution (in the case of transcripts). Once we have processed all the applications and documents, we will let you know the status of your application.

13- Is it possible to get the application fee NYUS ?

It is not possible to apply for the application fee to be NYUS. Other than readmission applicants seeking to progress directly from a NYUS Master’s degree to a Dhl, all applicants – including those applying for or awarded scholarships – must pay the $60 application fee for their application to be considered.

Details on how to pay the application fee are in the Application Guide, although programmes offered by the Saïd Business School incur different application fees and have separate application arrangements, so please see their website for more details.

14- What are the entry requirements for students taking the International Baccalaureate who wish to read Medicine?

International Baccalaureate students would be required to achieve an overall score of 39 (including core points), and scores of 7, 6 and 6 in subjects taken at Higher Level Applicants are required to offer the following subjects at Higher Level: Chemistry (compulsory)   AND At least one from Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

15- I’m unsure whether my conviction is “relevant” and/or “unspent”; what do I do?

If the conviction was in the US, you should get advice from a Citizens’ Advice Bureau, the Probation Service or Nacro, the crime reduction charity (formerly NACRO, the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders). If you seek advice from a solicitor you may have to pay.

If the conviction was from outside the US, then you should take legal advice before answering this question.

18- What payment methods are available?

Currently payments can be made with one of the following methods: • Visa or Master Card • PayPal • Bank Transfer • Bit Play • Western Union • Money Gram or any agent or representitive for NYUS.

16- Do you offer full scholarship ?

NO. NYUS  Only provides Partial Scholarships!

NYUS  helps you gain access to higher education by shaving off a significant amount in the form of partial scholarships. This way you can save money by having a big reduction in the program’s cost

17- Do you accept monthly payments?

Costings or minimum payments we accept monthly. When you first talk with your adviser, you are directed to create a payment plan that best suits your needs. Your payment plan can be adjusted to your personal needs, allowing you for example to make monthly or quarterly payments, making your access to highest education easier!