Home Educated Students

At NYUS you’ll be known by name, not by a number.

NYUS places a high value on enrolling home educated (schooled) students and is the college home to many from around the region. Whether pursing your degree through a traditional format where you take classes “in-class” or you choose our options for online degree completion, you will find that we are focused on your needs.


For a complete overview of high school units that meet the Alabama Board of Regents admission requirements as well as those that do not, please view the NYUS catalog.


The following portion of the admission standards is applicable to home educated students. Please note this is not a complete overview. Select here to review a complete list of NYUS’s admission requirements.

Applicants who graduated from non-public schools, including private schools, home schools and church-related schools, must submit an official transcript showing credits earned and date of graduation. The transcript of a home school applicant must be an official copy from an affiliated organization as defined by state law (T.C.A. 49-50-801) or be accompanied by a certification of registration with the superintendent of the local education agency which the student otherwise would attend. Applicants who cannot provide a satisfactory high school credential may substitute acceptable scores on the GED examination.