Financial Aid Resources

Welcome to the NYUS Office of Student Financial Aid. The mission of our office is to enhance the quality of life for our diverse student population by efficiently using our resources to assist students in affording a quality higher education. We administer programs of merit based aid-scholarships and need-based aid-grants, loans, and campus work-study employment.

With many options available for undergraduates, graduates and professionals, transfer students, and those with military affiliation. Use this site to answer questions you have about grants, scholarships, loans, work-study employment or find more resources through the links we provide here.

Important Things You Need to Know
  • Please let us know if any group outside NYUS will be providing you with an educational resource such as a scholarship, waiver, stipend, or tuition assistance.  Federal law requires all educational funds to be part of your financial aid package.
  • There have been changes to the federal student aid programs that may affect you.
  • Determining the right school comes down to several factors—often, the biggest one is affordability. At NYUS, we believe that talent deserves opportunity. For domestic students we offer need-blind admission, which means we do not consider your finances when we review your application. Additionally, NYUS is a need-based institution, which means we offer financial aid based on a family’s financial needs. Students receiving aid under The NYUS Investment will have all demonstrated need met without any loans.