Education and Training

We know that the topic of sexual violence can be challenging to talk about and fully comprehend—we are here to help.

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education team is here to provide opportunities for you to learn more and get involved to make a difference. We have a variety of workshop and training designed to help you understand the root issues of sexual violence in addition to possibilities for prevention.

We can also customize training or simply be a point of contact to connect you with further educational resources.

Education and Training workers guide and train people. As a teacher, you could influence young lives. You could also support the work of a classroom teacher as a counselor, librarian, or principal. You could coach sports activities or lead community classes.

You could also work with adults. For example, you could lead training to employees in a business. Or you could work as a university or college professor for undergraduate or graduate students.

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There are many hobbies and activities you could explore to learn more about education and training. Try one or more of these activities:

  • Business Professionals of America (BPA)
  • Future Teachers of America (FTA)
  • Coach a sports team.
  • Work as a library aid.
  • Teach a community education class.
  • Tutor a family member or neighbor.
  • Coach a local sports team.
  • Volunteer at a literacy program.
  • Work as a teacher assistant in an elementary or high school.
  • Become a part of organizations such as Teammates or Big Brothers/Big Sisters.