Find The Right College For You

Choosing where you want to attend college can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry. There are many resources to help you find the right college for you.

Attend a college fair in your area

College fairs are great events where you can learn about many schools at once and gather materials. You may find that a school you’ve never heard of before is the right place for you. Talk with your high school counselor to find college fairs near you.

Read through the information colleges send you

Have questions about housing, academics, student life, and class sizes? Most of that information can be found in a brochure that’s already in your mailbox.

Review a college website

This can be one of the most overwhelming tasks in the college search process. College websites have information for many audiences, so how do you find the information you need? Use the search box found on most sites and type in keywords to help find the information that is most important to you. It’s also helpful to spend an hour or so each week just browsing to see what else you might learn.

Talk with your high school counselor

A wealth of information can be found just by telling your counselor what type of college experience you hope to have. High school counselors talk with colleges, visit campuses and read through a lot of information. They are a great resource as you research your options.

Don't be afraid to contact a admissions counselor at a college or university

Most schools have an admissions counselor assigned to your high school and are happy to help answer your questions. You can find a list of NYUS’s Admissions counselors .