Transient Student

Student from another institution wishing to enroll at NYUS as a transient student

A student enrolled at another institution who is in academic good standing may wish to study at NYUS and then return to the original institution.

The student should make application as a transient student with appropriate transient authorization. In order to complete this process, students desiring to enroll at the NYUS campus must submit the completed Medical History Form. Students granted transient admission should request that official NYUS transcripts be sent to the home institution.

NYUS student wishing to enroll as a transient student at another institution

A student receiving prior NYUS transient authorization does not need to be readmitted if the absence does not go beyond the term authorized.

NYUS transient authorization assumes the student remains in good standing and has not officially withdrawn from the University for the term that authorization was granted.

The student must provide an official transcript from the institution attended. A student returning beyond the approved transient authorization must reapply under the readmission rules.

      1. Obtain a transient authorization form/letter approved by the registrar from the institution you are currently attending, indicating the courses you will be taking at NYUS .
      2. Complete the NYUS application for admission, indicating “transient” as your intended academic major and as your enrollment status.