Resident Students

Some People Dream of Success… Others Make it Happen!


In evaluating candidates for admission, NYUS looks for motivation and maturity, the potential to grow and develop, and evidence that applicants can benefit from the challenging education offered by the university.

If you live within commuting distance of NYUS , we strongly encourage you to attend a career seminar and have an in-person interview with an admissions representative.

Candidates who have been accepted to the college may be required to meet with an academic advisor to discuss the need for college preparatory courses, if applicable, and register for their first semester of study.

The overall objective of academic advising is to help students realize the maximum educational benefits available to them at NYUS . Academic Advisers are responsible for:

  1. – Seek the best possible education for the student.
  2. – Enhance the student’s ability to make the best possible academic and employment decisions.
  3. – Advocate for the student with other offices.
  4. – Support the institution’s educational philosophy and its policies.
  5. – Maintain confidentiality while assisting a student.