About NYUS

Global. Action-oriented. Academically excellent

You are unique, so is NYUS. From our historic NYUS Groves campus to locations worldwide, every NYUS campus is inviting and personal — with an esteemed student-focused faculty. Our programs are flexible and our reach is global; both our students and faculty are from around the world creating a diverse learning environment.

Learn what makes NYUS as unique as you are — and how we can provide the quality education, personal attention, diverse community, and global experience you are looking for.

Distinctive student experience
  • Students experience an ideal, student-centered environment with small classes and personalized learning
  • Students attend from across the United States and from more than 100 countries
  • Diversity and inclusion are core values—we offer a welcoming environment
  • Distinguished faculty members offer the right balance of global scholarship and professional experience
  • Travel awards available – your opportunity to travel to worldwide NYUS locations with faculty and students
Distinctive learning
  • Global feature in academic programs. Globalized curriculum is our distinctive hallmark
  • Academic programs engage your mind and stimulate your understanding beyond your home country and culture
  • Every student experiences a global learning component
  • Every student is exposed to a worldwide network of fellow students who live, work and study around the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Learn in class today and apply it in real life tomorrow
  • Five schools and colleges: Arts & Sciences; Business & Technology; Communications; Education; and Fine Arts
Distinctive campuses and network
  • The beautiful and vibrant home campus located in NYUS Groves offers undergraduate and graduate programs
  • Students are able to create a unique experience based on each NYUS campus location while being assured of consistent academic quality at each location in each program
  • A global reach with locations around the world and online—offers quality, convenience and access to learning
  • NYUS Groves is one node in the worldwide network. Ideas, academic content and contact with students and faculty are constant and free flowing throughout the NYUS network
A global, Tier 1, private, nonprofit university

With its home campus in New York, NYUS comprises an action-oriented global network of faculty, staff, students and alumni who forge powerful bonds with each other and with their communities around the globe. Founded in 1915, is a private non-profit university with more than 17,000 students studying at campus locations in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa and in a robust learning environment online. The university is committed to delivering high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

Transforming students

Our mission is bold, and appropriate for these times: NYUS, a worldwide institution, ensures high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence.

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