Doctorate Degrees

► Counselor Education and Supervision, PhD

► Curriculum and Instruction, PhD (C&I, Curr)

► Doctor of Business Administration, DBA

► Doctor of Chiropractic, DC

► Doctor of Health Science, DHSc

► Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP

► Doctorado de Administración de Empresas

► Doctor of Management – Executive Leadership (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Management – Healthcare Management and Leadership (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Management – Environmental and Social Sustainability (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Management – Higher Education Teaching and Learning

► Doctor of Computer Science (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Management – Homeland Security (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Computer Science – Information Assurance (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Management – Global Leadership (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Computer Science – Enterprise Information Systems (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Management – Private Sector Higher Education Leadership

► Doctor of Computer Science – Big Data Analytics (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Management – Project Management (Executive Format)

► Doctor of Management – Organizational Development and Change (Executive Format)

► Doctorate of Computer Science

► Doctorate of Management – Project Management

► Doctor of Business Adminstration in Engineering and Technology Management

► Doctor of Human Resources

► Doctor of Pharmacy

► Doctor of Medicine

► Doctor of Ministry

► Doctor of Psychology

► Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

► Doctor of Nursing Practice

► Doctor of Dental Medicine

► Doctor of Optometry

► Doctor of Optometry

► Doctor of Chiropractic

► Doctor of Jurisprudence

► Doctor of Osteopathic

► Doctor of Public Administration

► Doctorate of Computer Science – Emerging Media

► Educational Leadership, PhD (EdL)

► Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Ph.D.

► Instructional Design and Technology, PhD (IDT)

► Psychology, PhD (Psych, Psy)