Out Of State Applicants

Out of state residents interested in applying to NYUS must follow the same application guidelines as in-state students. Students must submit an application and attend an in-person interview to be considered for admissions to NYUS .

However, if you are unable to attend an interview in person due to travel or other limitations, special steps can be taken to ensure incoming students are well informed by time of attendance.

More so, NYUS  provides various housing options for those interested in living on or off-campus. While available dorming rooms are limited, we provide a multitude of housing alternatives within close distance of our campuses.

Important Information for Out-of-State Applicants:

Out of State Applicants should consider, along with the general application guidelines, these following points:

          1. Students applying for housing must do so in a timely manner. Dorming eligibility is based on several factors and limited to a first come, first served basis. To apply, you will need to contact an Admissions Advisor directly.
          2. If students cannot attend an in-person interview at the time of application, you may request to have it deferred to a later day or choose to communicate via other means. Prospective out-of-state students are still required to attend at Freshman Orientation and a career advisement session prior to beginning the classes at NYUS
          3. NYUS  actively recruits players for our numerous sports programs. Students interested in attending NYUS  and participating in any of our NJCAA Division 1 teams must communicate directly with the Athletics department.