NYUS Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness Program

The Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Office sets standards and metrics for the successful achievement of the college’s mission and goals resulting in a system of continuous improvement.

The assessment and institutional effectiveness effort:

      1. Is an integral part of the NYUS strategic planning process
      2. Works with stakeholders to convert the College Mission and Goals into measurable outcomes
      3. Establishes internal and external benchmarks to measure the college’s progress over time
      4. Provides feedback related to student, faculty and staff needs using quantitative and qualitative methods
      5. Functions as a feasible, systematic, and campus-wide process for evaluation and measurement
      6. Includes participation from members of all employee groups
      7. Serves as a cost effective continuous improvement tool
      8. Provides relevant guidance for decision and policy making.
      9. Survey Instruments and Activities

The Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Office uses a variety of methods and instruments for the purpose of improving the institution on all levels through structured feedback for the purposes of planning, evaluation, and performance improvement for all departments at NYUS including academics, student life, retention and career success. Assessment is required to enable the institution to participate in a process of continuous quality improvement.

As with all assessment efforts, the value of institutional assessment surveys depends on whether faculty, administrators, and staff members use the results to support their ongoing processes and activities. This listing below provides information about specific instruments that have been or will be used by the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness.

Student Support

To assess admissions, registration, and financial aid processes and determine if information and services are provided within an atmosphere of friendliness, civility, and respect.

Student Needs and Priorities

To assess the concerns, opinions, attitudes, satisfaction and needs of students related to quality of instruction, access to programs and services, campus climate, and perceived barriers to attainment of educational goals. The areas assessed also include the library, information literacy, and learning center.

Student Evaluation of Teaching

To examine the perceptions of enrolled students related teaching effectiveness and the learning experience at the course level.

Faculty and Staff Satisfaction

To assess the concerns, opinions, satisfaction and needs of faculty and staff related to the classroom and work environment.

Active Surveys

The Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Office would appreciate your participation in the following surveys. For our data to be meaningful we need a high response rate. Please be assured that the information that you provide is confidential and no identifying information will be collected as part of the survey.