Types of Courses are Offered at NYUS

Types of Courses are Offered at NYUS

There are several types of courses offered at NYUS, referred to as course modes or moralities. The course description and the course section number include the letter code to identify the type of course

Course Modality
W – World Wide Web

World Wide Web courses are conducted via Web-based instruction and collaboration. Some courses may require minimal campus attendance or in-person/proctored examinations.


M – Mixed Mode/Reduced Seat Time


Mixed mode/Reduced Seat Time courses include both required classroom attendance and online instruction. Classes have substantial activity conducted over the Web, which substitutes for some classroom meetings.
V – Video Streaming

Video Streaming courses are delivered over the Web via streaming digital video, which may be supplemented by additional Web activity, projects, or exams.


RV – Video Streaming/Reduced Seat Time

Video Streaming/Reduced Seat Time courses provide classroom-based content over the Web via streaming video and classroom attendance is not required. Other required activities that substitute for video instruction may include any of the following: Web activity, in-person or proctored examinations, and labs.


P – Face To Face Instruction Face To Face courses have required classroom attendance and meet on a regularly scheduled basis. Students may encounter Internet and/or computer requirements in these classes.