Master in Health Services Management

Master in Health Services Management

Program Objectives

This is an exciting time for healthcare management. The field is growing and changing every day. And few schools get you prepared for it quite like Mercy. The MPA is a 48-credit program intended for students seeking a broad multidisciplinary education in health services management.

The program has been designed to prepare graduates for roles as healthcare managers in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. The program is suitable for students who anticipate careers in a variety of healthcare facilities in the public, private and not-for-profit settings.

The master's programs in Health Services Management have been designed to prepare graduates for roles as healthcare managers in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Health Services Management Fast Facts

Health Services Management Fast Facts

  • Multidisciplinary education in health services management
  • Courses offered evenings and weekends
  • Healthcare professionals as professors
  • Speakers from the healthcare field

Program Outcomes

PO1 The student should be able to analyze missions, visions, data and overall organizational performance to develop programs using research techniques.

The student should be able to formulate a strategic plan for continuous improvement in a changing healthcare environment

PO3 The student should be able to assess aspects of the US healthcare system including political, ethical, legal, financial and risk management issues related to effective health facility operations
PO4 The student should be able to utilize written and oral communication skills in accordance with health industry standards
PO5 The student should be able to create a plan that facilitates the acquisition of a healthcare information system. Facilitate the system operations in a variety of settings within regulatory guidelines
PO6 The student should be able to develop and present an effective professional training program
PO7 The student should be able to demonstrate the ability to utilize theoretical and applied skills obtained during the course of study in the MPA program. This is done by participation in the culminating capstone experience, which includes identifying, analyzing and developing a comprehensive report on an issue facing the healthcare industry or health care organizations
PO8 The student should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of the law and government on the complexities of health care policy and the day to day operations of healthcare organizations

Entry requirements

  1. Successful completion of the full curriculum (36-M.S./48 M.P.A.)
  2. A 3.0 cumulative GPA

Program Requirements

Each applicant must submit the following:

  • Résumé with the names of two individuals who may be contacted as references.
  • Interview with the program director or the associate director Students applying to enter the MS program must have worked in health care as a practitioner or a manager for eight years. Upon receipt of all transcripts and completion of all requirements and interviews, qualified applicants will be admitted and assigned an advisor.

Health Services Management M.P.A. Curriculum

The 48-credit Master of Public Administration program in Health Services Management is organized as follows:
  • Core Courses 12 Credits
  • Advanced Core Courses 15 Credits
  • Health Services Management Specialization 15 Credits
  • Culminating Experience 6 Credits
Total 48 Credits

General Core Courses (12 Credits)

  • MPAT 503 Law, Gov & Political Process
  • MPAT 521 Action Rsrch & Data Analysis
  • MPAT 531 Management Information Systems
  • MPAT 541 Managerial Communic/Leadershp

Advanced Core Courses (15 Credits)

  • HSMG 601 Health Care in the U.S.
  • HSMG 611 Health Care Management
  • HSMG 621 Health Care Financing
  • HSMG 631 HRM for the Health Care Org
  • HSMG 641 Ethic Issues/Hlth Care Manager

Area Of Concentration/ Health Services Management/Specialization (15 Credits)

  • HSMG 701 Strat Plan for Hlth Care Org.
  • HSMG 711 Legal Envirn of Health Care Mg
  • HSMG 721 Measure Organizational Perform
  • HSMG 731 Adv Issues/Hlth Services Mgmt
  • Elective

Capstone Experience (6 Credits)

  • HSMG 801 Internship Experience
  • or
  • HSMG 811 Capstone Project Hlth Serv Mgt


Career Opportunities

The MPA in Health Services Management prepares the graduate for management positions in a variety of healthcare organizations including hospitals, health centers, physician's offices and other health and human service agencies.

Examples of career titles include Health Service Administrator, Medical Center/Health Agency Director, Department Head/Coordinator, Manager/Registration and Scheduling and Director/Planning and Assessment.







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