Academic Divisions

Academic Divisions

NYUS : Our Three Academic Divisions :

NYUS  offers degree programs at three locations; our main campus in Brooklyn, the NYUS Manhattan Extension and our Miami Campus. Please note any student in a Manhattan Extension program must complete at least one course at the main campus in Brooklyn.


The Division of Health Disciplines offers a broad array of health related degree and certificate programs. The programs combine quality classroom and clinical instruction to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively as health professionals, who care for the sick, administer hospitals, attend to the pharmaceutical care needs of the public, and assist elderly or physically challenged individuals. 


NYUS's Business Administration program integrates professional courses into the latest trends in business management. The Associate Degree program combines theory with extensive computer applications so that students are prepared for both administrative and managerial positions within various types of organizations.

The curriculum is rounded out with general education and office technology courses and electives. It is through these courses that students are able to acquire a variety of intellectual and personal competencies that are generally perceived to characterize successful business managers.


Computer Programming and Information Technology provide essential functions for almost all organizations worldwide. These systems demand a focus on the organization of computers, the theory which underlies their operation, and their applications. In using these systems, professionally trained programmers and network engineers serve in wide areas of business, at all levels of government, private sector, in public and social services establishments.


The A.A.S. degree programs in Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies provide students with a broad-based, sophisticated understanding of the role of the criminal justice system in American Society. Students acquire the knowledge, values, and skills that will enable them to analyze rationally, the problems of the criminal justice system and the needs of society in a manner in keeping with democratic traditions of law, social well-being, and individual rights.


Division of Arts and Sciences supports all of NYUS's degree and certificate programs. It provides a wide range of general education and liberal arts courses. Remedial and ESL (English as a Second Language) courses are also administered through this Division.


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