Master of Science in Management, MSMan

Master of Science in Management, MSMan

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NYUS’s Master of Science in Management (MSMan) program is a 33 semester credit program that prepares students to compete in the current leadership and management environment. It is designed for students who want to develop the leadership skills to manage and lead employees in organizations and for professionals who want to assume greater management responsibilities within their organizations. The program emphasizes leadership skills, strategic planning and implementation, the human resources aspect of management, managerial communication and how to develop other leaders within the organization.

Program Objectives

NYUS’s Master of Science in Management (MSMan) program enables students to contribute to the management profession and fosters independent learning.  Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

  • Create and manage strategic plans, projects, and organizational requirements
  • Evaluate and use proficiency in managing and enhancing people skills in organizations
  • Analyze the alignment of organizational resources to lead effectively
  • Evaluate situations and problems to engage in effective decision making to implement solutions
  • Analyze and show management skills by leading, evaluating, and promoting personnel in a global environment
  • Support professionalism as a manager within the organization with good communication and leadership skills.
  • Demonstrate professional communication skills in writing through organizing, thinking critically, and communicating ideas and information in documents and presentations

Program Outline

Students take 11 major courses for 33 graduate credit hours.

Note:  Courses in the MSMan program are each eight-weeks in length, and students are normally scheduled for two courses concurrently.


Master of Science in Management Major Courses ( 33.0 credit hours )

  • Business Information Systems
  • Organizational Behavior (co-requisite course)
  • Project Management
  • Managerial Communications
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Leadership Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Change
  • Global Human Resources Management
  • Global Law and Employee Relations
  • Program Capstone Class


MBA/Management Department Chair – Armando Salas Amaro, DBA

Dr. Salas-Amaro is the Program Chair for the Master of Business Administration and the Master of Science in Management at NYSU. Prior to joining Keiser University, Dr. Salas-Amaro was an Education Policy Analyst for the Florida Department of Education. He is also a contributing author in several volumes of The Refractive Thinker: An Anthology of Higher Learning. His contributions include The Historical Development and Transformational Process of Student Financial Aid and Becoming an Agent of Transformation. Dr. Salas-Amaro has also been the guest speaker in National Webcasts by CollegeWeek Live and has also participated in “Este es El Momento” with Univision. He has been featured in Amazon Author Central, and The Lentz Leadership Institute. You may view Dr. Salas-Amaro’s publications.

Dr. Salas-Amaro has also published and presented for the International Academy of Business and Economics and The International Conference for the Advances in Management. The International Academy of Business and Economics published his studies on Online Learning and Leadership in the European Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Business Research, and the Journal of International Management Studies.

MBA/Management Faculty

Butler Cliff MBA Faculty Economics
Bythewood Craig MBA Faculty Finance
Cezair Joan MBA Faculty Accounting
Choudhry Ali MBA Faculty Research Methods
Cojanu Kevin MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Drake Tim MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Drescher Sol MBA Faculty Economics
Eggertsson Matthias MBA/MSM Faculty International Business
Eghosa Ugboma MBA Faculty Information Systems
Ferrell Diann MBA Faculty Accounting
Fitzgerald John MBA Faculty Marketing
Frankenhauser, Jr. Paul MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Freeborough Robert MBA Faculty Management/Leadership
Gallo Andres MBA Faculty Economics
Granoff Mary-Jane MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Healthcare/Leadership
Gray Dahli MBA Faculty Accounting
Guiti Felicia MBA Faculty Marketing
Jordan Tiffany MBA Faculty International Business
Kalam  Dennis MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Kuhn John MBA Faculty Accounting/Information Systems
Luo-Beitler Yan MBA/MSM Faculty Research Methods/Management
Mantz Timothy MBA Faculty Marketing
Miller, Jr. Lewis MBA Faculty MBA Faculty
NELSON Anne MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Owusu Theophilus MBA Faculty Information Systems
Parson Greg MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Pogue  Laura MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Ritter Jeff   Marketing
Salas-Amaro Armando MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Schmidt Bunney MBA Faculty Accounting
Seay Earnell MBA Faculty Marketing
Spangenburg Janice MBA/MSM Faculty Management/Leadership
Stegmann Juan MBA Faculty Economics
Sullivan Jerry MBA/MSM Faculty Finance/Management
Thompson Laura   International Business
Tocci Denis MBA/MSM Faculty Management
Tucker David MBA Faculty Economics
Walters Sheryl MBA Faculty International Business
Wilhelms Ralf MBA Faculty Marketing
Williams Glendon MBA Faculty Finance

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