Master of Science in Education, Career College Administration, MSEd CCA

Master of Science in Education, Career College Administration, MSEd CCA

Keiser University


NYUS’s Master of Science in Education, Career College Administration (MSEd CCA) provides administrators, program directors, and other personnel an intensive study of theory and practice in the field of career college education administration.  The program fosters independent learning and prepares students to contribute through leadership and scholarship to the career education profession.  Students complete a foundation of courses in such areas as diversity, curriculum design, ethics, decision-making, and instructional technology before focusing on marketing, enrollment management, student services, financial management, compliance, outcomes, campus operations, as well as personnel selection and development. Graduates are able to demonstrate knowledge and application of theory and to critically analyze and solve problems based on applied research methods.

Program Objectives

NYUS’s MSEd CCA program prepares students to contribute to the education profession as leaders. Upon completion of the program, students are able to:

  • Demonstrate theory-based and practical leadership career college administration and other educational fields.
  • Incorporate critical thinking, scholarly writing, research, and technology in practice.
  • Design and assess curriculum, instruction, and programs.
  • Direct educational operations including marketing, financial management, outcomes improvements, campus operations, student services, personnel recruitment and development, and enrollment management.
  • Exhibit competency in professional practices including ethics, diversity, legal issues, and communication with all educational stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate professional communication skills in writing through organizing, thinking critically, and communicating ideas and information in documents and presentations.

Prerequisites for Major Courses

Baccalaureate Degree from an accredited institution.

The Master of Science in Education, Career College Administration is designed to meet the needs of students with accredited baccalaureate degrees. Students may be admissions staff, financial aid personnel, bursars, student services personnel, administrators, other employees of career colleges, program directors, or instructors seeking to become administrators.

Note: Courses in the MSEd CCA program are each eight-weeks in length, and students are scheduled for one or two courses per term.

Program Outline

To receive a Master of Science in Education, Career College Administration degree, students must earn 36 graduate semester credit hours. In the final semester of their program, students complete an action research project related to their area of interest. No electives are offered in this program. Thirty of the program hours must be completed through NYUS. Program requirements are as follows:

MSEd CCA Major Core Courses ( 36.0 credit hours )
Affirming Diversity 3.0 credit hours
Integrative Instructional Technology 3.0 credit hours
Education Governance, Motivation and Ethical Decision Making 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Curriculum Design 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Educational Assessment and Evaluation 3.0 credit hours
Enrollment Management Theory and Practice 3.0 credit hours
Higher Education Marketing 3.0 credit hours
Personnel Selection and Development 3.0 credit hours
Leading Career Education in America 3.0 credit hours
Managing Career Colleges for Successful Outcomes 3.0 credit hours
Decision Oriented Educational Research 3.0 credit hours
Action Research Project ( Capstone ) 3.0 credit hours


  • Dr. Sue Adragna, Chair–Educational Leadership, Adult Education, Curriculum Instruction
  • Dr. Kelly Gatewood, Chair–Instructional Design and Technology
  • Dr. Andrea Thompson
  • Dr. Jessica Fuda-Daddio
  • Dr. Michelle Bridgewater
  • Dr. Terri Bubb
  • Dr. Cynthia Glenn
  • Dr. Larry Pace
  • Dr. Theresa Rouse
  • Dr. Kelly Schwirzke
  • Dr. Stephanie VanDeVenter
  • Dr. Ashlee Wood
  • Dr. Jackie Booth, Chair of the Master of Science in Education
  • Dr. Richard Dietzel
  • Dr. Jim Hutton
  • Dr. Brian Keintz
  • Dr. Andrew Kirschner
  • Dr. Salla Lozada
  • Dr. Manuel Rosa
  • Dr. Steve Roth
  • Dr. Dianna Martin

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